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Ashes: The Battle between Australia & England

Ashes is a historic and prestigious cricket Test series played between two of the oldest and most prominent cricketing nations in the world: England and Australia. The series is named after a satirical obituary published in 1882 in the English newspaper, The Sporting Times, which humorously stated that English cricket had died and “the body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia.”

The rivalry began in 1882 when Australia achieved their first-ever Test victory on English soil at The Oval in London. The Sporting Times published the obituary soon after, and England vowed to regain “The Ashes” during their tour to Australia in 1882-1883.

Since then, the Ashes series has been played approximately every two years, alternating between England and Australia. It consists of five Test matches, and the team that wins the majority of these matches takes home the symbolic Ashes urn. If the series ends in a draw, the current holders retain the Ashes.

The Ashes series is considered one of the most prestigious and fiercely contested rivalries in cricket and has produced some memorable and historic moments over the years. It captivates cricket fans from both countries and around the world, creating an intense atmosphere whenever the two sides meet.

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